1 General

fitmefit is an online community that motivates it’s users to integrate more movement into their daily lives. Vital data is measured by smartLAB® step counters, weight scales and heart rate monitor belts and then transferred to the portal through a gateway of your choice. Following gateways can be used:

1. For the PC: hLine USB Adapter (with ANT or BLE)
With the hLine USB Adapter you can use your computer as a gateway to transfer data to the fitmefit server. You need to install the gateway and insert the USB adapter into a USB slot. For more information please follow this link:

2. Smartphone/ Tablet with APP:
You can use your smartphone or tablet as a gateway to transfer data from your smartLAB® devices to your fitmefit account. When installing the fitmefit APP the gateway will automatically be installed in the background. To use the gateway on your smartphone or tablet you need an ANT or BLE technology. You can check the manual of you mobile device, if it is compatible with the gateway software.

Notice: Data transfer is not possible without a gateway.

All user manuals can be found here:

2 Registration process
2.1 Registration

First of all visit our web page and click on the tab “Login”.

Please turn on the devices after the registration process and gateway installation.

To begin with the registration process, please click on the button “Register”.
The use of including the basic functions is for free.

In the following step you can choose which way you want to register.

Enter all your data manually. Fields which are marked with an asterisk are mandatory fields and have to be completed.

First you have to choose a username. If “NOK” appears below the field please choose another name, because this one is already taken.
Enter your email address and confirm it in the following field.
The next step is to enter a password. Regarding your personal security the password has to contain of at least 8 signs. Furthermore the password strength is shown. If “Low” is displayed you should choose a securer one.

Please enter the code in the image. If you received an invitation code of an user enter the code in the corresponding field.

Click on the check mark if you have read the terms of use to accept them.
Now please click on “Create new account”.

2.2 Confirm email address

The registration process is now complete. You will receive a confirmation email to your address. In this email you will find a link, which redirects you immediately to your fitmefit profile. When you click on the link the following screen appears.

Instead of the manual registration you can click on the blue button to manage the registration via facebook.
If facebook is opened in your browser and you are logged in you will be forwarded automatically to the next step. Otherwise you are redirected to facebook where you have to log in with your facebook email address and password.

Important advice: With the registration via facebook only your first name, surname and email address are assigned from facebook to fitmefit. Your name is used as username in your profile information. You have to enter all the other data manually. Further data exchange will not happen.
Facebook has no access to your profile data on fitmefit.
For the next login on you have to click on the facebook button on the login page.

2.3 First Steps

On the right side of the screen you will find a window with „First Steps“. These will help you complete your fitmefit profile. Following themes are listed:

- Profile
- Device
- Premium Account
- Privacy Settings
- PC Gateway

2.3.1 Profile

When clicking on the link to your profile settings you will be led to the screen seen below where you can enter your profile information. Fields which are marked with an asterisk are mandatory fields and have to be completed.

We advise you to enter your health information data. On the basis of these data we can calculate among other things the calorie consumption and the walked kilometers.

2.3.2 Devices

To enable a data transfer of your devices you need to assign these to your profile. This is possible with the device management. You need to enter the serial number of your device or the IMEI number of your gateway, here. With the PC Gateway and the APP your devices can automatically be assigned to your profile.

Please note: You can only use one step counter in fitmefit. But you can enter as many heart frequency meters and weight scales as desired.

To register your devices enter the serial number in the corresponding fields.

2.3.3 Premium Account

To activate your premium account you can either enter the licence code, which you have received with the fitmefit package or purchase the premium account with Paypal.

2.3.4 Set privacy settings

You can additionally Now you have to set your privacy settings. This means you can decide who can see your data and information about yourself.

You can select between “everyone”, “nobody”, “fitmegos” and “Mentors”. By default everywhere “nobody” is set. Please save your settings.

2.3.5 PC Gateway

If you have chosen to use the PC Gateway for data transfer in combination with the hLine USB Adapter (ANT or BLE), you need to install the gateway software on your computer

2.3.6 APP

To stay mobile, you can use the fitmefit APP to look up your data and use the community. Thanks to the integrated Gateway you can also use the APP to transfer the data to your profile. The APP is available for iOS and Android.

3 Gateway Installation (PC)

After the successful registration you can now use your devices.

Please first install the fitmefit gateway on the computer if using a hLine USB adapter for data transfer before turning on your devices.

Go to to the category „Software Download“ where you will find the gateway, which is needed to transfer data from your devices to your fitmefit profile.

Click on to start installation process.

Following link will lead you to the installation gateway manual:

You can aldo find the document under under „ documente“

Tasks of the gateway

The fitmefit gateway is used for transmission of the measured vital data from a meter to your computer, tablet, etc. These vital data are transferred by instrumentswhich havean ANTorBLEmodule. Thedata is transmittedvia thefitmefitgatewayto the server, whichupdates the data portalregularly.

4 Gateway Installation (Smartphone)

For wireless data transfer from the smartLAB® devices you can use your own Smartphone or Tablet- Please make sure that your mobile has ANT or BLE included. It also is important that your smartLAB® device has the corresponding wireless data transfer technology.
The fitmefit Gateway is integrated into the fitmefit APP and will automatically be installed on your mobile device.
The APP is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded in the accordant Online Store.

If you need help with the APP you can download the fitmefit APP Help here:

5 Device Management
5.1 Add devices

After successfully installing the gateway of your choice you can now use your devices. The devices can be added to your profil according to your gateway as following:

5.1.1 Device management with hLine USB adapter

After you have installed the gateway onto you computer you can turn on your smartLAB® devices. The gateway will automatically identify the device and a pop-up window will appear on your desktop. Now you can add the device to your profile. Measured data will be sent to the server through the gateway if the device is in range of the hLine USB adapter. For more information on the installation process of the gateway please refer to Gateway installation (PC). You can also download the manual. Please follow this link:
To search manually for a device in reach please go to the fitmefit gateway on your computer. Go to the gateway icon on your taskbar and click on it with the right mouse button. Go to „Serialnumber info“. Now the gateway will search for devices in reach. It is important that the smartLAB® device is turned on.

5.1.2 Device management with fitmefit APP

Devices can be added to your profile with the fitmefit APP. It is important that the gateway function is turned on and that it works on your smartphone or tablet. Start the APP and go to settings after the login. Then go to „gateway settings“ and then click on „add device“. Now the gateway will search for devices, which are in range of the smartphone or tablet. As soon as the gateway has found a device it will display the device type and serial number. You can now add the device to your fitmefit account or search for another device if it does not comply with the serial number of your device.

With the iOS App devices can’t be added to the portal directly, yet. To enable a wireless data transfer through your iOS Device you need to enter the devices manually through your profile. Please refer to Chapter 5.1.3.

5.1.3 Add devices through your profile.

If you want to add some more devices or add devices afterwards click on “Profile” and then on “Devices”.

You can enter the serial number of your device or the IMEI Number of your Gateway in the above field. The serial number of a device has 10 numbers, the IMEI number contains 15 numbers. Please press „Add“, after entering the corresponding number, which can either be found on the packaging or on the device. The system automatically recognizes the number and will add the correct device. Devices will be displayed with their product name, gateways will always have the title „HMM Gateway“.

Notice: Some devices need specific personal information to enable the calculation of certain values.