The premium account with costs offers you a lot of benefits, which increase your motivation to move more. You just need a smartLAB® pedometer and a gateway of your choice to enable the data transfer. You can also integrate one of the smartLAB® scales or a smartLAB® heart rate monitor belt.

NutritionBack to Top

You want to lose weight or control your diet? But you don’t have an overview of what you eaten during the day? fitmefit® offers you the possibility to choose out of a list of foods what you have consumed (including dosage or amount) or you can create your own meals. With this indication, you get information about the content of energy, proteins, fat, carbohydrates and cholesterol of the relative food /meal.
There also is a calorie table.
With this information and the announcement of the calorie consumption, you will have an overview of your calorie intake and your calorie consumption. If you consume more calories then you intake for a long term, you will reduce your weight.

RecipesBack to Top

Right food belongs to a healthy lifestyle as well as movement. So that you are not left alone with a choice of good food, different recipes will be provided for you.
You can also enter your own recipe ideas and share them with the community and eat healthier together.

ChallengesBack to Top

You can compete with one of your fitmego´s in a Challenge in which you can win fitmeee´s. You can create groups in which challenges can be started with fitmego’s as well as other community members to increase your moving behavior and your motivation.
There are four kinds of Challenges: Private Challenges, Group Challenges, Sponsored Private Challenges and Sponsored Group Challenges.
With the Sponsored Private Challenges, firms and organizations acquire fitmees and start a challenge. Sponsored Group Challenges can be organized by firms for their employees who belong to a group.

Routes ChallengesBack to Top

You don’t want to walk the routes on your own? No problem! Just invite your fitmego´s (who own a premium account) to a challenge and see who the fastest walker is.

GPS TrackingBack to Top

This function is possible with every GPS – compatible mobile phone. It allows you to observe your walked distance. You connect your smartLAB® pedometer with our free App via BLE or ANT with your smartphone.
If you walk (and activate your GPS function), the pedometer collects your steps, while the GPS function of your smartphone records your walking distance. This will then be graphically reproduced in the portal. Because of this, you are able to follow your hiking route, jogging distance or e.g. your travel.
With our heart rate measuring device, you can see which effort you have given during the recorded track. But don’t worry about your data. You administrate them by yourself. You don’t want to plot your distance? No problem, you have to deactivate the GPS or not even switch it on.

Additional featuresBack to Top

Next to a monthly report, a premium user is able to create a daily detailed report.
In addition, the measured data by the smartLAB® fit+ such as body fat and bone mass can be displayed. As a premium user you can take part in different challenges and you will have the opportunity to join a global ranking with your fitmego´s. Even your activities in the community and the achievement of your daily goals will be rewarded by an online award. Through the smartLAB® heart rate belts the pulse can be recorded and transmitted to the portal. Through the reward system, fitmeee’s can be collected.